Duii Lemon Fermented Vinegar 300ml

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Duii Lemon Fermented Vinegar 3.5% Acidity:

Boosts immune system & prevents cough & Flu; Detoxifies the liver & clears skin; Balances pH levels & relieves symptoms of gout; Promotes healing & overall health; High in pectin fibre which assists with weight control.


Features of Duii


  • Balances pH level, assists with digestion, enhances metabolism & improves immunity.
  • Traditional fermentation process is applied to every bottle for over 5 years.
  • Naturally fermentedin special ceramic pots, which provide an ideal environment for organic acid, amino acid, vitamin & mineral formation.
  • Made with real fruit, not infused with fruit concentrates or artificial flavours.



Lemon, purified water, brown rice yeast.


 Store at room temperature.


 Suggested Consumption:

20-30 ml per day. For 1 part vinegar, dilute into 5- 10 parts water based upon preference.


To retain health benefits, please DO NOT dilute with Hot Water!


Sediments at the bottom of bottle is normal. please shake well before use.


We recommend serving vinegar with chilled water.


The yeast made by Duii is over 30 years old, together with their ancient methods utilising clay pots, this vinegar has very fine molecules to allow easy absorbtion by the body.


The vinegar can be mixed with water, juice & sparkling water to create a flavour that will appeal to all ages.


This vinegar, which is great for drinking, can also be used for salad dressing, yoghurt, bread & dumpling dipping.


100% all natural, Non - alcholic, no preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial colours.



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