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Q : Is Discount Health Foods an online shop only?
A: No, Discount Health Foods is a shop in South Melbourne Market, established about 30 years ago.
We strive to give the best service, large variety of Health Food and supplement products, and good value prices.
Now you can shop at Discount Health Foods from anywhere in Australia.

Q: Can online orders be picked up at Discount Health Foods – Retail shop, at the South Melbourne Market?
A: YES - You can pick up orders placed online. Please complete your order when you see the Shipping Method selection please choose “Pick Up From Store” from the drop down.
Pickups cost you nothing extra, and it allows us to make sure we have your order packaged and ready for you to collect (for those of you who know how busy our store can be this can be a real time saver)

Q: Is my credit card secure?
A: Yes, Extremely Secure
We take the security of all our customers data very seriously. All your credit card information is processed through the latest SSL technology - SSL allows secure, encrypted communication  between your computer and our systems. All your sensitive data is further encrypted even within our database for added security. Once your credit card has been processed the details are completely removed from our database.

Q: Are my personal details safe?
A: Your details are private and will remain secure at all times. We do not on-sell any of your private & confidential details to any third parties. Personal information collected by us is used to assist with the processing & shipping of your order.

Q: Why is my email address required?
A: Your email address is the easiest way for us to contact you in regards to your order. This includes your order invoice, order completion and important shipping notifications.
If you wish, you are welcome to join our mailing list where we can send you emails from time to time with updates and special offers - but this is completely optional. If you do sign up for our newsletter it is simple to unsubscribe at any time in the future.

Q: What is the best way to find a particular product on your website?
A: There are several ways to find what you are looking for in our online store.
Search - You can use the Search box (top of the page), or click on the 'product finder' to search for products. Type the name, manufacturer or product (e.g. vitamin c) you’re looking for and click the 'Search' button. We have a powerful search function which will quickly display all items related to your search.
Browse - the categories on the left of the page will allow you to browse through all the products in each category of the store. Many Categories have Sub Categories and you can keep browsing till you find just what you're after.
Search by Manufacturer (bottom left of most pages) - this allows you to quickly filter all the products by Manufacturer, you can further search or filter by categories to quickly find what you are after

Q: Do I have to become a member of your website to purchase?
A: Yes. The details required to complete your order will be collected at checkout including some basic contact information. You will then become a member of our site. This allows you to conveniently login each time you visit and it will save you retyping your details for future orders. Your data will be kept private and confidential at all times.

Q: If I am on any medication or have health conditions, can I still take products from this website?
A: It is very important that you always consult your healthcare professional before using any products, or following any information provided by While we will always try to give you good advice, we are not responsible for any reactions, issues, injuries, death or any other negative impacts that may result from products purchased from our store.

Q: Do I need to seek further advice/information outside this website if I come across something that may appear to answer any questions relating to me or my condition?
A: The information provided on this website is intended as a guide only. We do not recommend that you self-diagnose. Proper medical care is critical to good health. If you have a health concern or undiagnosed sign or symptom, please consult your healthcare professional. If you have a medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare professional prior to using the recommendations given.

Q: How long does it take to receive an order within Australia?
A: Unless there is an issue with your order, Australia Wide orders can expect 2-7 business days  to arrive.

Q: What if my parcel has not arrived?
If you believe that you should have already received your parcel (it has been more than 7 business days), please contact us and we will endeavour to track down the shipment.

Q: What will I pay for postage within Australia ?
 A: Your order will incur an $9.90 flat delivery fee Australia Wide  (conditions apply - see Terms and Conditions)

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Every product on the website can be added to the checkout using the same controls.

  1. If the product you are interested in has options, then select the appropriate choice, select the quantity you would like to purchase,  and then click the “Add to Cart” button.
  2. You can always see a summary of your Shopping Cart in the top right of every page. You can click ' View Cart' at any time to see the details.
  3. Once you have finished selecting your products, click the “Checkout Now” button in the Shopping Cart to proceed.
  4. Follow the steps to complete your order.

If you have difficulty using our system, for any reason at all, we are happy to assist with completing your transaction. Please feel free to use the contact form on the Contact Us page and we will promptly help resolve any difficulties. We understand that the system is there for you the customer, any feedback you might have for us will be greatly appreciated. If we can improve your shopping experience, we will!

Q: Can I make changes to an order I just placed?
A: Yes & No - You cannot directly edit the contents of an order after it has been placed, but we certainly can. If you realize you have made a mistake on your order then please contact us as soon as possible. If we have already shipped your order then there is little we can do about it, so please inform us quickly to avoid issues.
We recommend you review your order items and your details carefully at checkout as it is your responsibility to supply accurate and complete information.

Q:  What name will appear on my credit card statement?
A: The name Discount Health Foods will appear on your statement.

Q: What credit cards can I use?
A: We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Q: What is your policy on Refunds?
A: Please see our Terms and Conditions

Q: What are your Delivery charges?
A: Please see our Terms and Conditions

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?
A: Please see our Privacy Policy