Fusion Health Stress B Multi Advanced

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Stress B Multi Advanced

This supplement combines Green Tea extract, standardised to contain the powerful anti-stress amino acid Theanine. Research shows that Theanine is capable of increasing brain alpha wave activity to generate mental calm and a relaxed state of alertness without causing drowsiness. Combined with nervous system supportive B Vitamins and alpha-Lipoic acid to reduce stress, improve mental alertness and promote relaxation.

Fusion Health Stress B Multi Advanced contains high potency B Vitamins plus Green Tea to help reduce:

  • Feeling stressed
  • Mental tiredness
  • Nervous tension
  • Poor attention
  • Mild anxiety
  • Low energy


Dosage recommendations:

  • Take 1-2 tablets once daily with food or as professionally advised


Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare practitioner.
Contains No artificial colours, flavours, yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy or animal products

Ingredients: one 9875.5mg tablet contains:

  • Green Tea 9100mg
  • Vitamin B1 100mg
  • Vitamin B2 50mg
  • Vitamin B3 150mg
  • Calcium Pantothenate 110mg
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 75mg
  • Folic acid 150mcg
  • Vitamin B12 150mcg
  • Biotin 150mcg
  • Choline 100mg
  • Inositol 100mg
  • Alpha-Lipoic acid 25mg


Available in 30 or 60 tablet size