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Natures Goodness Tibetan Goji Juice

The goji berry is a fruit from the Himalayan region of Tibet. It is commonly made into juice that has many wonderful benefits. The juice is a wonderful nutritional supplement if it is consumed on a daily basis. The Chinese have known about the health, and anti-aging aspects of the fruit for thousands of years.

The goji berry, or Lycium Barbarum berry, grows on a bush primarily in the Himalayan region of Central Asia. Legend has it that goji berries dropped off their vine and into a well. The monks who drank the water were exceptionally long-lived and healthy. Attributing their vitality to the goji berries, the monks spread the word about the health benefits of this fruit. Through the centuries, goji berries became a staple among healing plants.


The goji berry contains powerful antioxidants that are believed to slow the aging process, strengthen the immune system and the heart. I
Goji berry is rich in nutrients:
Antioxidants - including beta carotene and zeaxanthin
18 amino acids
21 trace minerals
Vitamins including B group, C and E
Goji berry juice from concentrate (95%)
Pear juice concentrate, Inulin (fibre), citric acid, natural berry flavour, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.
No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt, artificial colours or flavours.