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MGO 400+ is a high grade antibacterial manuka honey, with mid range antibacterial activity.  Suitable for topical and internal use.
Antibacterial 'SUPER MANUKA' honey from the Leptospermum polygalifolium bush, a plant unique to Australia.  Antimicrobial properties proven through independent research to inhibit growth of staphylococcus aureus and e-coli
  • Berringa Super Manuka Honey contains antioxidants and is fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free.
  • Rated according to Methyglyoxal activity.


Contains antioxidants which protect the body from harmful free radicals
  • Useful to take prior to or during cold and flu season to help support the immune system
  • Provides relief from the symptoms of sore throats
  • Temporary gastric relief from minor stomach ulcers and minor acid reflux
  • Provides relief from minor, temporary mouth ulcers, mild infections & sore gums
  • Antibacterial activity maintains a healthy digestive function & relief from indigestion
  • High potency natural enzymes

What is Super Manuka Honey?
Bioactive antibacterial 'super manuka' honey is made by bees that gather nectar from the flower of Leptospermum polygalifolium. Its antibacterial properties are due to its methylglyoxal content. Berringa Honey uses MGO (methylglyoxal) readings to classify its products.
Berringa Bioactive Antibacterial Honey - Maintaining the Highest Industry Standards
Berringa Honey is a bioactive honey containing anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.
  • We choose to use Methylglyoxal (MGO) readings as research has found that other testing methods  have become unreliable, and MGO is said to be a more accurate form of testing manuka honey’s antibacterial and antimicrobial activity.
  • We only use NATA laboratories for all of our testing and research.  NATA accredited laboratories are globally accepted and recognised for their independent assurance of technical competence through best practice.
All products are unadulterated pure leptospermum polygalifolium honey. Contains natural sugars.No artificial additives, colours, fragrances or preservatives.
Berringa Bioactive Antibacterial Honey - Our Product Source and Production Methods
Leptospermum polygalifolium grows in a variety of coastal habitats along the north coast of New South Wales, and Southern Queensland in Australia.
The leptospermum polygalifolium bush commences flowering in early spring, and usually flowers throughout October.  The bush flowers later than most heaths and tee trees, ensuring that the bees harvest nearly all their honey from this particular species. 
The harvest usually starts around mid-November, when the honey is extracted from the hives. The honey is a jelly like substance, making extraction more difficult, but producing a high quality manuka honey with low moisture content.
Factual Benefits of Honey
Berringa Honey has been tested by the Queensland Government’s Innovation Food Technologies Laboratories, and has shown that Berringa Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties with the ability to inhibit staphylococcus aureus and e-coli.  Twenty five percent of the population carry one or two of the staph strains at any one time, and nature has provided us with a natural alternative.
The results also indicated that the methylglyoxal (MGO) is stable across the product range.
Research is continuing into the amazing properties of this honey, and the variety of applications it can be used in.  Berringa Honey can be consumed as a food straight from the jar, as an ingredient to produce a functional food, in cosmetics and therapeutics.


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