Mirrabooka Natural Australian Whey Protein Powder Vanilla 1kg

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“Cows fed on their natural diet of grass grown with sunlight and rainwater, naturally produce the most nutrient rich milk; the milk used to make Mirrabooka™ Protein.” 100% Australian owned.


Less than 5% Carbs, Low in Fat, More Than 80% Protein (Free Range Whey Protein Concentrate).


Mirrabooka™ Protein comes from the cows of Western Victoria; where small herds graze in sustainably farmed pastures.


Mirrabooka™ Protein is cold filtered to maintain nutritional value; all natural; with ground natural vanilla beans to give the delicate smell and flavour. We don’t use any artificial flavours or colours because Mirrabooka™ doesn’t need any makeup; it tastes and looks great, naturally.


Mirrabooka™ Protein does not contain any artificial sweeteners or added sugars- Mirrabooka™ is naturally sweet enough. Sweeteners are linked as causes of the current diabetes and obesity epidemic of the western world. The only Carbs, Sugars and Fats in Mirrabooka™ protein occur as part of the natural balance from the mother cow’s milk itself.


Mirrabooka™ Protein is low GI, gluten free and does not contain any artificial thickeners or emulsifiers. Always read your ingredients labels!


Do some research into the damage being caused by industrialised farming, where cows live in stressful of conditions, living in massively over-crowded feedlots and are forced to exist on a diet of genetically modified corn. The total effects of GM corn are not completely known yet, however this is not the natural source of food for dairy cows- or any animal- and therefore ask yourself how can a cow fed on corn possibly get what it needs to produce an abundance of nutrient rich milk?



Ingredients: Pure Australian natural whey protein concentrate and natural vanilla bean (ground).

Vanilla Mirrabooka protein powder nutritional information


If you would like extra flavour or colour with your Mirrabooka™ protein, try some of these options:

  • Mirrabooka™ Protein Smoothie- Combine Mirrabooka™ Protein with fresh, seasonal fruit in your blender, with fruit juice or fresh milk and a handful of ice for fluffiness.
  • Mirrabooka™ & Muesli- Combine your favourite muesli, some organic yoghurt, a dash of natural fruit juice and top with some seasonal fresh fruit.
  • Mirrabooka™ Protein Shake: Combine Mirrabooka™ with either milk, coconut water or rice milk in a shaker, shake and enjoy. Perfect after a workout.