Nazeer Henna 100g

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Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna


Nazeer Henna penetrates the hair shaft colouring, adding shine and at the same time improving the texture of the hair. Nazeer henna is free of chemicals and will gradually fade in 8 to 9 weeks. Nazeer henna is safe to use on permed or tinted hair. The colour will be intensified if used on hair that has more than 20% grey.
Application of Permanent tint before henna has faded may result in uneven coverage.


Available in:


  • Dark Red Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna: A RUBY RED when applied to lighter hair.Dark hair will become a DEEP RICH CLARET. Adds a MAHOGANY Glow to black hair.
  • Standard Red Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna A BRIGHT COPPERY AUBURN on lighter hair. COPPERTONES on darker hair.
  • Sunset Red Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna A FLAME RED our hottest colour for lighter hair. A VIBRANT RICH RED on darker hair.

  • Chestnut Brown Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna A HONEY CARAMEL with highlights for lighter hair (great for grey or mousey hair) little or no colouring effect on darker hair.

  • Clear Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna: A WONDERFUL CONDITIONER for any colour hair adds NO COLOUR. Accentuates natural tones. IDEAL FOR BLONDES.

  • Black Henna 100g- Nazeer Henna: Adds a HARD BLACK SHINE to very dark brown or black hair.
    NOT TO BE USED ON LIGHTER HAIR. (unless mixed with other henna colours). The only henna that finds it hard to cover grey.