Organic Dried Acai Berry powder

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Acai berry -The Superfood Purpleberry


Available in powder, capsules, puree and a delicious snack bar.


The powder can be added to water, juice, smoothies, yoghurt or sprinkle a couple of teaspons over your morning porridge or breakfast ceral. Take 2 heaped teaspoons per day.


All about the Purpleberry (Acai Berry)
So let’s imagine a place deep in the Amazon rainforest…a raw, naturally entwisted organic ecosystem where soils are rich in dark organic nutrients and elements. A place untouched by pesticides or pollution. Our Açaí palm is growing in this place, peacefully along the banks of the Amazon River. This resilient Acai tree ("tree of life") grows in abundance covering over 6.1 million acres of land through out the Amazon. It’s from these wild growing Açaí trees we hand select and capture the natural essence of the berry in every tub of Amazonia Acai.


As a whole food goes Purpleberry has the HIGHEST KNOWN ANTIOXIDANT CONCENTRATION. Further to this exceptional concentration this Purpleberry contains over 16 different types of Antioxidants.


  • GUARANTEED the highest quality Acai Available.
  • Over 4 times the antioxidant concentration of Goji Berries
  • Over 9 times the antioxidant concentration of Pomegranate.
  • Over 10 time the antioxidant concentration of Spirulina
  • Over 42 times the antioxidant concentration of Blueberries
  • Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils, Amino Acids


To understand why this berry is so nutritious you need to understand where this berry comes from. Through the industrialisation of our common food and fruit our soils are more depleted in nutrients then ever before. Our Purpleberry comes from the Amazon where natural biodiversity provides the richest and most nutrient dense soil on the planet. Any plant growing in this environment is bound to be bursting with natural nutrients.


  • Vitamins A, C, D, E & B-1, 2, 3, 6 and 12
  • Over 17 vital minerals including ZINC, PROTIEN, IRON, CALCIUM, IODINE, SELENIUM, MAGNESIUM, FOLIC ACID & a great source of DIETARY FIBRE!
  • A source of Anthocyanins
  • Over 19 essential and non essential amino acids
  • Complete essential fatty acid complex with omegas 3, 6 & 9


Our Purpleberry is kept in its NATURAL WHOLEFOOD FORM from the picking, all the way through to the eating. The Purpleberry truly is nature’s multivitamin, boasting a rich amount of almost every nutrient required to maintain excellent health.

Quite simply since the dawn of time we have eaten food for our nutrients. Whole foods work with the body and NATURALLY absorb completely. Unfortunately there is a lot of cheap multivitamins that pass straight through your system, expelled usually in ‘bright yellow’ urine. With more people becoming aware of there health, more people understand wholefood nutrients is the only real way to nourish our bodies. Thats why concentrated superfood nutrients like that in the Purpleberry will be the basis for multivitamin supplementation coming into the new era.


  • Low GI (glycemic index), due to very little to no natural sugar
  • Over 16 DIFFERNT TYPES of antioxidants!
  • ALL 100% NATURAL and completely ORGANIC occurring nutrients