Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml

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 RESCUE® Remedy is a unique combination of five Bach® Original Flower Remedies all working on emotional imbalances associated with daily stressful situations:The perfect format to keep at home in your first-aid cabinet.

RESCUE® Remedy is available in 10ml and 20ml dropper bottles.

Directions: 4 drops directly onto the tongue or into a glass of water (sipped at intervals).
RESCUE® Remedy can be taken as often as required and as frequently as every 10 minutes.

It can be given to animals and/or children in water.

Everyday our emotions are put to the test; traffic jams, work deadlines, and unexpected bills.


Over 60 years ago Dr Edward Bach recognised the need for an emergency treatment to help people cope with such everyday stressful situations and thus created RESCUE® Remedy. Still made to his exact specifications today, RESCUE® Remedy has become renowned for its calming and centering effects. It is now relied upon by millions of people around the world to provide unconditional support during demanding times.


RESCUE® Remedy is a unique combination of five Bach® Original Flower Remedies all working on emotional imbalances associated with daily stressful situations:


  • Rock Rose for terror and panic
  • Impatiens for irritation and impatience
  • Clematis for inattentiveness and to counteract faintness
  • Star of Bethlehem for shock
  • Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts and lack of self control.


Can I take RESCUE® Remedy if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes, RESCUE® Remedy is recommended throughout pregnancy and even after pregnancy to assist with the adjustment of a new baby.

Can I give RESCUE® Remedy to my baby?
Yes, it is best to dilute the remedy when given to infants, simply add to a little water or place on baby’s food. You can also add RESCUE® Remedy to bath water.

Can I take RESCUE® Remedy with prescriptive medicine?

Does it interact with any medications?
Whilst RESCUE® Remedy is considered to be a safe form of treatment, which can be used at the same time as conventional medicines without fear of cross-reaction, it does contain alcohol.
So if you are taking a prescription medicine, which is specifically contraindicated with alcohol, it is best to refer to your GP before taking it.


Why does RESCUE® Remedy smell and taste like brandy?
RESCUE® Remedy is preserved in 27% grape alcohol so the smell and the taste is characteristic of brandy.

If RESCUE® Remedy tastes and smells of alcohol, can I still use it before driving or before and interview?
Yes, if used according to the dosage instructions given e.g. 4 drops or 2 sprays per dose.

How often can I use RESCUE® Remedy? Could I overdose?
The remedy can be taken as often as required until you feel emotionally in control. One cannot overdose on RESCUE® Remedy. If emotional imbalance is persistent, one of the individual Bach™ Original Flow