Watson & Son 100+ mg/kg (was 5+) Manuka Honey

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Premium quality, NZ produced pure Manuka honey

All types of honey have some therapeutic value, due primarily to a natural antibacterial property produced by hydrogen peroxide. Bees gather nectar from flowers and take it back to their hive where they add and enzyme called glucose oxidase.

When honey comes into contact with moisture in the body, the enzyme slowly releases the hydrogen peroxide at sufficient levels to kill bacteria but no damange tissue. However, this antibacterial action is very easily destroyed by dilution, heat and light.

Honey harvested form the Manuka tree contains a different antibacterial component, which sets it apart from other honeys. This non peroxide activity is stable and does not lose potency or effectiveness when exposed to dilution, heat or light.

The natural antibacterial activity of Manuka honey can support the natural healing of wounds when applied to the skin. If taken orally it can help to soothe the throat and digestive tract. It contains antioxidants that may help with increased vitality and immunity.


Range of Manuka Activity Levels

0 -Not detectable

5 -Table grade level (not recommended for specific therapeutic use)

10 -Maintenance level (recommended for increased vitality and immunity)

15 -Useful level (high antibacterial activity)

20 -Superior level with very high activity (for specific therapeutic use)